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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the most asked questions we get from the band.  You can always contact us with any items at anytime by emailing us at We're always happy to respond to you.  We hope the FAQ proves useful as you evaluate the band!

You sound great! Why haven't I heard about you before?

Well, thanks for that compliment!  We think that's due to the musicianship of the band members and the fact that we've all worked together before in some incarnation.  The group is comprised of arguably some of  the best musicians in the Tri-State area. 

You've probably heard of many of the bands we've worked in over the years (and currently) -- Whale, Anheuser, Doli and the Llamas, The Philly Horns, Turning Point, U-Funk, Champagne, Big Package, The Parody Show and Dance Band, Red, Hot and Blue, Boulevard, Sara Bush and Friends, and many, many more.  We've all played together before and been very successful -- we're just doing something new and different!  So, we have a new name and repertoire, but the same great musicians and bands you've come to love over the last 25 years!

Your price is very reasonable for your size -- Why?

We prefer to book directly rather than through an agent although we do work through several agents as required.  When booking directly through the web, we can keep our pricing at levels many smaller bands charge but still do the job providing a huge value-add to the customers because you aren't paying management and booking fees to a third party.  This allows us to pass along those savings directly to the customer and still assure a quality product at a very reasonable price.

Do you play charity, benefits and fundraising events?

Yes, all the time!  Remedy will often work with charity, fundraising and benefit committees for worthy causes.  We offer very special pricing for non-profit events.  All the band members believe in giving back to the community and this is one way we can.  You're assured of an excellent event and we'll help to promote it as well on our site as well as though are mail lists.

How do you get that incredible sound?

Remedy believes its sound is as important as its music and we take it VERY seriously!  We always employ professional sound engineers (who've worked as soundmen for national acts like Blood Sweat and Tears and The Starship).  They're experienced working with horn bands, and know exactly HOW to make the band sound great no matter where we play!  We use top-grade equipment (like Aviom, ElectroVoice, QSC, Allen-Heath, Shure, and Crown to name a few) sized to the room (we have three complete sound systems) and use highly experienced sound engineers to assure the very best sound for the band no matter where we play! You'll hear everything from tight articulated bass and crystal clear vocals, right through to the ripping horn and guitar lines.  We guarantee it!

Do you have references we can contact?

We have references from many folks who've had us play at their events -- some of the best comments are right on the website and guestbook!  We can provide you with private names and numbers for references but we do not generally release these out of privacy and respect for our past clients.  If this is something you require, please ask and we can put you in contact directly with some our customers.

How do you handle cocktail hours and ceremonies - Do you play those as well?

Remedy musicians often perform for ceremonies and cocktail hours.  If you require different instrumentation than what we have (strings, harp, classical pianist or vocalist), we will help you source those musicians as well.  The band is well-connected in the area and we can assure you of the quality of performers we refer. 

Cocktail hours are configurable from one member playing up to the entire band.  There is a scaled additional charge for us to perform depending on location of the cocktail hour and number of members who you'd like to perform.  Let us know your preference and we'll be happy to prepare a quote for an additional cocktail hour for your event.

Why should I hire a live band like Remedy rather than a DJ?

Entertainment at your special event is a key part of its overall success for your guests.  Live bands have an energy that most DJ's can't just by the nature of live music.  There's just more to watch, see and do with a live band.  There's also something about watching and interacting with a quality group that you can't get with a DJ.  That said, for some people, a DJ works out fine and many are excellent at what they do.  In the end, it really becomes a matter of preference with the customer and guests.  There are plusses and minuses to both types of entertainment. We, of course, think live music is better, but then again we are a band -- and we always play guest requested music on breaks very much like a DJ!

What is "continuous music" and why does it cost more?

Normally a band contract states musicians play 40-45 minutes an hour with a 15-20 minute break. Remedy normally plays in this configuration and provides complimentary CD-based dance music during our breaks. However, some customers prefer the band play "continuously". To us, this means we don't stop playing. We honor these requests but there is an additional charge for us to perform in this manner. Continuous to us means no more than two hours contiguously. Normally we would play 2 hours and, take one 15 minute break, and then complete the evening. This essentially turns a "normal" four hour engagement into five complete sets of music.

Can you do walk-up requests?

 Yes, we regularly take walk-up requests that deviate from the pre-planned sets provided they are in our extensive playlist. What we will not do is play something on request we've never had the chance to rehearse. It's just not good business, invariably introduces mistakes, and affects the overall quality of your engagement.

Can you tell me more about special requests?

For corporate and private functions, Remedy will learn and perform up to three special request songs per engagement. This is built into the price and expected for weddings, and other private engagements. Each song beyond that is charged a fee per song as there is a substantial amount of work involved to learn and perfect new music. We do not learn special requests for Club and Casino engagements unless pre-arranged.

I live outside the play area specified on the site. Can you still do our function?

Absolutely. However, there is an additional cartage charge that covers travel and lodging beyond 2 hours from our home base in Delaware. We are happy to accommodate these requests. Contact us and we will provide more details.

I want to hire the band, but I don't want the horns. Will you play my engagement?

Absolutely.  However, you must understand that the band will be different from what you hear on the website.  We play a slightly different repertoire and are configured differently when we do this.   You are however assured of a quality music product no matter how Remedy is configured.  Contact us for band options that fit your budgetary needs.  We are here to meet all your entertainment needs.

Do you have lights and sound equipment?

Absolutely. And all our equipment is state of the art and new. We have three complete sound systems, professional in-ear monitoring and solid-state media players to meet almost any need.  Remedy also carries a  fine light show as well.

Can I use a different sound and lighting company for my engagement?

Yes, with a few caveats.... We must have access to the sound and light engineers and pre-approve the set-up/engineers before we will sign a contract. The end product we produce comes out of speakers and visually through the lights, so the sound and lighting is as important as the music we play. As we will not compromise on the quality of the music, we will not compromise on the overall performance. We are happy to work with your folks though and have successfully done this in the past.

Wow, that's a big band! How much stage area do you need?

Generally we require at least a stage 10X24 to play comfortably (12X24 is optimal) and spread out. If you don't mind some folks on the floor, we've been successful with 6 risers. We are a big band and we do need some room for all the people and stage gear! If you have questions, please contact us.