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Remedy's Mission

The band's mission is a simple one. We play music for the love of the art, to please all our customers (employers, venue owners, and our ever-growing fan base), have fun doing it, and provide a completely professional, exciting, and enjoyable musical experience for all.

Who are we?

Remedy is a high energy show, dance, and party band spanning music from the sixties through present top forty. We consistently deliver top quality music guaranteed to keep dance floors packed and provide a musical selection that is danceable, fun, and unique.  Remedy is a flexible group scaling its size from 3 to 12 pieces depending on customer, venue, budget and event. 

Where are we?

Remedy is based in Wilmington, DE and play engagements throughout the PA, NY, NJ, DE, and MD areas from New York City to Baltimore and from the Beaches to Lancaster. We do travel however, so if you have an engagement outside our regional area, please contact us for further information.

Why Have Us Perform at your Engagement?

All our personnel are trained and degreed musicians. Many teach professionally and perform with national acts! The group possesses over 300 years of combined experience in our disciplines. With state-of-the-art sound, lighting, and musical equipment and a complete array of instrumentation, you can be sure of a well-produced, high-energy, fun, danceable engagement of only the very best music and showmanship in the mid-atlantic region.

The Themed Approach...

Remedy plays music in five distinct themes throughout an evening: Easy Listening/Jazz, Disco, Motown/R&B, Classic Brass, and Classic Rock. These musical themes contain carefully selected groups of music that combine a mix of party, show, dance, ballads, and "musical anthem" components tied together in a continuous format to assure packed dance floors as well as optimizing the band's musical makeup. Many customers look at our themes and go no further after reviewing our material as the themes cover most of the very best music in a format guaranteed to please.