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The Remedy Band
c/o Sara Frances
Voice/Fax: 302-792-2919

The Remedy Band Demos

It takes a lot of time, gear, and effort to play in a band.  Part of the process involves not only perfecting the material for live performance, but doing those other tasks related to marketing -- recording demos and video. 

This area of the web allows potential customers and fans to hear and us in live and produced situations.  Much of the work you see hear was recorded at a live venue or in our band studio.  We'll be continuing to update this area of the web as we complete more material.

However, Remedy believes most of the magic of live music is just that!  Seeing the band perform.  You are always welcome to hear us at a private showcase (we schedule these each month) or at a public function (we play several of these a year).  Just give us a holler either through the site contact form or email.